Leaf By Rocky Sand Studio Ltd.(RSS阅读器)

Leaf By Rocky Sand Studio Ltd.(RSS阅读器)


Featured by Apple in “BEST NEW APPS 2014”

“The best looking news reader on the App Store” – by GenieBurger

“Excellent, clean interface, nice design” – by dfs83 – “The app walks the line between being minimal, offering you only the essential features, and making sure the features it does offer are useful…”

Leaf is an amazing RSS news reader for your Mac. Read, share, star and search your news by using a clean and intuitive interface.

Highlighted features:

  • Syncs with Feedly, NewsBlur, Feedbin and Feed Wrangler
  • Standalone RSS engine
  • Save to RSS articles to Buffer, Evernote, Pocket, Readability, Instapaper, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Beautiful themes (including night mode) and customizable RSS news reader appearance
  • Article summary, Clutter-free article, Original website for RSS articles


  • Gestures and keyboard shortcuts
  • Alerts/banners for new RSS articles and access to past alerts in Notification Center
  • RSS, RDF, ATOM support

Contact us at Rocky Sand Studio

One By Liang Sun(Geek阅读)

One By Liang Sun(Geek阅读)

中文名叫一览阅读,一个轻量阅读应用,订阅源很符合Geek的需求。(知乎、V2EX、Solidot、什么值得买、简书、NEXT、PingWest 快讯、雪球、MindStore、SegmentFault 和煎蛋)中国区只要1元,还不错啦。

知了 By Liu Yi(知乎日报阅读器)

知了 By Liu Yi(知乎日报阅读器)


知了– 知天下


最新消息和问题反馈请关注新浪微博 @6133Studio


VOX By Coppertino Inc.(轻量级音乐播放器)

VOX By Coppertino Inc.(轻量级音乐播放器)






网易云音乐 听见好时光


diumoo By Diumoo & dRadio By Chongyu Zhu(豆瓣电台)

diumoo By Diumoo & dRadio By Chongyu Zhu(豆瓣电台)


dRadio,为 OS X 设计的一款豆瓣电台 Mac 客户端。简洁美观的主界面、方便快捷的菜单栏,无需因为官方 Web 端使用的 Flash 而造成的 CPU 使用率过高、机器温度过高而烦恼。


  • ✔ 使用豆瓣帐户登陆(支持验证码)
  • ✔ 自动更新频道列表
  • ✔ 可选 64/128/192 kbps 比特率
  • ✔ 支持分享到 Twitter/Facebook/微博
  • ✔ 自动 Scrobble 到
  • ✔ 自动更新 状态
  • ✔ 支持全局快捷键(可以在偏好设置里自定义)
  • ✔ 支持音频可视化
  • ✔ 支持歌词可视化
  • ✔ 支持视网膜屏幕
  • ✔ 支持 OS X Mountain Lion 通知中心

Hourly News By Urban Apps(听新闻)

Hourly News By Urban Apps(听新闻)



Hourly News is a simple app that lives in your Mac’s menu bar and plays the most recent news updates from multiple news podcast sources with one click.

As a podcast app, Hourly News lets to you subscribe and listen to any/all of the most recent NPR, BBC, CBC, ABC, CBS, WSJ, Bloomberg, ESPN, VOA, SRN, FOX News updates, your own custom podcast sources and more.


  • • Plays the most recent news summaries with 1 click
  • • Plays in the background
  • • Automatically advances to the next news feed.
  • • Can launch at login
  • • Can automatically play when opened
  • • Reorder, enable and disable news feeds
  • • Dead simple, easy to use
  • • Works every time
  • • Skip the podcast if already heard
  • • Sync your settings and sources over iCloud
  • • Add your own custom feeds

OneRadio By IcyArrow(广播电台)

OneRadio By IcyArrow(广播电台)


DynamicLyrics By Martian Z(滚动歌词)

iTunes 滚动歌词显示小插件。

Now Playing 2 By KAIXIN LIAN(菜单栏iTunes播放插件)


这款插件支持在菜单栏对 iTunes 正在播放的音乐进行简单的切换操作和状态分享。还支持Yosemite系统的明暗双配色哦。

Macs are simple. Mac apps should be too. We understand, you’re busy. You’ve got work to do. Writing. Coding. Drawing. And how about do your work with a song?

The best way you’ll make it through all the things that you need to do is to control your iTunes without switch between the windows, or tap on your keyboard.

We also known inspiration is the most important thing through your work, but also the easiest to disappear.

It’s time to focus on your work. It’s time to get Now Playing.

The all new designed Now Playing 2 features everything you need. In it, you’ll find all of these shiny features:

  1. Control your iTunes with a pretty Popup Window on your Menu Bar.
    1.1. Play / Pause, toggle Previous / Next track.
    1.2. Drag the slider to set the player’s position.
    1.3. Volume control.
    1.4. Rating your track.
  2. Find a favorite track that you recently played in the History Playlist.
  3. Check lyrics of the Now Playing track, edit it, and the lyrics will be auto saved to your track in the iTunes.
  4. Share your current playing track via various social network.
    4.1. Share Music with Title / Artist / Album / Artwork / Store Links and anything you customized.
    4.2. Share Movies / TV-Shows with Title / Artist / Album / Artwork / Thumbnail / Store Links and anything you customized.
    4.3. Customize the Share Message Format in Now Playing 2.
    4.3.1. Use {NAME} label to insert Track’s Name to the Share Message.
    4.3.2. Use {ARTIST} label to insert Track’s Artist to the Share Message.
    4.3.3. Use {ALBUM} label to insert Track’s Album to the Share Message.
    4.3.4. Use {ALBUMARTIST} label to insert Artist of current playing Album to the Share Message.
    4.3.5. Use {TRACKURL} label to insert iTunes Music Store Link to the Share Message.
    4.3.6. Use {NPTAG} label to insert the ‘#NowPlaying’ tag to the Share Message.
  5. Now Playing 2 now designed for both Light Mode and Dark Mode in OS X Yosemite.


  • The {NPTAG} label would ONLY insert a ‘#’ symbol for the social network’s tag, as Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo in China, they use double ‘#’ to quote the TAG message.
  • The {TRACKURL} label would ONLY work for the tracks that purchased from the iTunes Music Store, exclude the iTunes Match tracks.
  • Currently not support iTunes Radio.
  • Launch the app when the iTunes app launched.

Because we cannot reply any reviews on Mac App Store, get in touch with us at:

X Lossless Decoder(无损音乐转换、分轨等)


Episodes By skyLab(追剧)


Episodes is an Mac-App which allows you to manage your favorite TV-Shows in a quick and easy way.

It features a powerful dashboard, which gives you a overview over all your favourite shows. It also allows you to play the next episode with one simple click from your hard-disk. It also tracks your viewing progress and shows you meta-data from

If you have backed up your DVD-Sets to your computer, Episodes automatically assigns these files to an show and allows you to launch your favorite video player.

Episodes was designed for flexibility: It doesn’t matter if your files are on your hard-disk, a network drive or an usb-drive.

visit and check out our 108 second quick video tour.

If you are still unsure, test Episodes for free. Just search for the lite version in the App-Store.

Please note: Episodes is not a video-player, you will need a installed player on your system (for example VLC, which is free). It also will not download any TV-shows.

ShooterSubX By SongZhou(射手API字幕自动下载)

ShooterSubX By SongZhou(射手API字幕自动下载)
ShooterSubX By SongZhou(射手API字幕自动下载)






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