Keypad By Multieducator Inc(快捷拨号)

Keypad By Multieducator Inc(快捷拨号)



The best way to dial numbers on OS X!

Keypad, formerly Continuity Keypad, allows you to dial phone numbers on your Mac, and place the call via your iPhone utilizing the FaceTime App in Yosemite. With Keypad, you can either manually enter a number to dial, or search your contacts with just a keystroke. Additionally, Keypad has a Notification Center widget, which allows you to dial numbers from anywhere in OS X.


– Beautiful transparent design
– Dial numbers that aren’t in your contacts
– Redial the last number
– Save a number to your contacts
– Search your contacts by starting to type a name (optional)
– Use letter keys to dial vanity numbers (optional)
– Dial tones (optional)

MiniPlay By Daft Logic Studio(通知中心iTunes控制插件)

MiniPlay By Daft Logic Studio(通知中心iTunes控制插件)


MiniPlay – Notification Center Widget for iTunes, Rdio and Spotify

NOTE: Spotify for Mac has accidentally dropped support for 3rd party apps like MiniPlay. Check if this workaround works for you:

Control your favorite music app and see what’s playing with MiniPlay.Features:

  • Preview full-sized album artworks
  • Control iTunes playback and adjust sound volume
  • Keyboard navigation is also supported
  • Notification Center widget for more productivitySupported apps:
  • iTunes
  • Rdio
  • Spotify

Swift Note By Vitaly Kuz’menko(通知栏便签)

Swift Note By Vitaly Kuz'menko(通知栏便签)


Swift Note

Swift Note is the first note widget for OS X 10.10 Yosemite’s Notification center!

– Very fast access to your notes
– Create unlimited notes
– Change background colour of your notes

To install widget, go to notification center, then click Edit, on right side find Swift Note and click on plus.
For change colour, click info button in widget title line and choose colour, then click Done.

For delete note, click info ( i ) button in widget title line, and click on trash icon.
For visual instruction, go to or click Swift Note Support

Coinverter By Daft Logic Studio(货币换算工具,支持通知中心)

Coinverter By Daft Logic Studio(货币换算工具,支持通知中心)


Coinverter – The Currency Converter

Coinverter is a powerful yet simple currency rates converter that lets you calculate currency exchange rates easily. Coinverter provides you always up-to-date currency rates, but you don’t necessarily need an Internet connection for it to work.

Coinverter Features:

  • Over 160 world currencies supported, including Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Notification Center widget to stay even more productive
  • Automatic update of currency rates via Coinverter server
  • Default list of currencies is set according to your current location



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